Yogi Madhav is such a pure and kind soul. I have never met someone like him before. His energy is positive and he always has a gentle smile on his face. He has this natural talent to teach, inspire and stimulate students and let them lead to or beyond their own limits. He lives the life of Yoga and he performs all asana’s perfectly. Really inspiring. I believe Yogi Madhav is really gifted to have these natural talents and his gentle and kind personality is one of a kind!
Nathalie – Netherlands
Madhav is one of the best teachers I have ever had and the best in Yoga. He is highly experienced and passionate about what he does. He is also very patient and empathetic, so from the beginning he knew our weaknesses and strong points guiding us to reach the best of ourselves. What I like most about him, is his great energy and calmness. If I had the chance, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to India to keep learning from him.
Diana – Spain
I got to know Yogi Madhav during my teacher training course and he deeply inspired me. His daily asana class was one of my favourite and I really enjoyed the spiritual talks with him. He is not only teaching asanas, he is teaching how to feel a posture and how to connect with it. Madhav helped me to grow a lot. Even after the course he always had an open ear for questions and shared his knowledge and brought experience. He is one of the best teachers I ever had. Thank you Madhav. Love Annemarie
Annemarie – Germany
I had the pleasure of having Yogi Madhav as my main asana teacher in my 200-hour RYS TTC in India in November 2014. Madhav is an excellent teacher and such a kind-hearted person. He is very skilled and easily demonstrates and explains all asanas. He explains benefits and corrects students with ease! He is very professional. Furthermore he has such a kind and openhearted personality and unlike a lot of other teachers he lives according to what he teaches! He is very good at connecting with students in a professional manner. Madhav has a wide knowledge about yoga and knows how to teach a wide range of different kinds of yoga including hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and acroyoga.
Isabelle – Denmark
I could see a very deep soul inside him, he always is open to give his honest opinion and expirience. A very good and complete yoga teacher. Thank you for that beautiful smile and for share your knowledge.
Estela – Mexico
I was very blessed to meet and take classes with Yogi Madhav. His quality teaching allows creates a warm, welcoming, inspiring and focused learning environment. Madhav is a generous teacher giving an insight to his in depth knowledge of all comments and aspects of yoga. He is a professional, caring, inspiring and passionate educator. His smile and laugh lights up the room and keeps you smiling and inspired to keep trying. Dare to embark on a laughing yoga class – it brings me to smiles, laughter and tears of joy still. Many thanks for the eye opening experiences Yogi Madhav. ~Peace, Love & Joy~
Fiona – Australia
I had the opportunity and privilege to be one of Yogi Madhav’s students for a 200hr TTC in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Yogi Madhav’s vast knowledge and experience was impressive as he guided us through the intensive course. His teaching method is disciplined and very effective. He is hands on and attentive to each individual student and their needs…. all 20 of us! I am grateful to have had my training experience with Yogi Madhav. I am planning to travel to Goa, India to learn more about Yoga from him and would recommend Yogi Madhav to anyone wanting to learn and have a life changing experience. Thank you Yogi Madhav!!!!
Tim – Canada
I did the TTC in Cambodia and had the pleasure to have Madhav as my yoga teacher during this time. He was an amazing teacher, you can feel that Yoga is his passion. His Knowledge about the yoga philosophy and body is very big. He taught us all the important things about yoga in this short time. I felt very comfortable and save in this time and just enjoyed to learn about Yoga from him. It was one of the best times and I would recommend to everyone to go to a Yoga session or TTC of Yogi Madhav. Thank you so much for sharing your Knowledge and passion with us!
Flavia – Switzerland
Amazing and Outstanding teacher I am very honoured to have a opportunity of being a student of Yogi Madhav in RYT200 training. He is full of knowledge, intelligent , academic, very physically trained, caring, compassionate and very supportive to all students. Yogi Madhav’s teaching and instructions are clear and sharp, always purely essential. His guiding is very profound and effective in body, mind and spirit. Yogi Madhav has highest quality for all elements as Yoga teacher. I strongly recommend him to anybody who is looking for genuine quality and life changing Yoga experience.
Miyuki – Japan
Inspiring Yoga Teacher and beautiful human being… Yogi Madhav is an Inspiring Yoga Teacher and nature wise he is very humble, calm, beautiful person in real life. I did my Master degree in Yoga and Meditation under his guidance. He is very helpful and caring and he has deep knowledge of Vedic and Yoga philosophy. I did my best training ever with him. His Yoga and Meditation Classes are amazing. If you have chance to visit him you must try his teaching once in your life. I’m grateful…. thank you very much my true teacher.
Divya Sharma – India
Genuine excellent yoga teacher Very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and a great motivator. With a tranquil nature and being easy approachable, Yogi Madhav is the perfect combination for those who want to learn Yoga in its true form, not only the physical part but also the values and lifestyle intrinsic to Yoga. I learnt a lot from him in all aspects of Yoga! Looking forward to spend some learning time with him again.
Clara - Spain
A very calm, creative and focused teacher Practicing yoga with Madhav is a pleasure and a privilege. He provides a very calm presence while pushing you beyond what you know you’re capable of. He has a great sense of humour and enthusiasm while always keeping the practice focused. I hope one day to learn again from this inspirational teacher.
Richard – Ireland
Thank you for the lessons with you it was a pleasure! Yogi Madhav is livingYoga ! This is what you can feel during his very authentic way of how he is teaching. During all lessons he was very motivating to push you beyond your imagined limits. You are looking forward to the next classes because of his humble, calm and sweet way to teach by still being very professional. He is very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and a great motivator.
Karin – Austria
Best experience ever I was lucky enough to be a student of Madhav for 4 weeks. Never in my mind I thought I was capable of such beautiful and intense yoga experiences. In every way he guided me and my group trough the 4 week period of yoga training. Every class, whether it was meditation or asana, I felt the spiritual and professional capacity of Madhav. The best teachers are the ones that make you feel the love and passion for yoga….Madhav did!
Ilona - Netherlands
Madhav is a really great teacher. He is able to guide students because he believes in them, he has time and patients for every one of his students. He is very wise and knowledgeable in the whole field of yoga. And he is also very caring, friendly and approachable as a person.
Natasha – UK
Madhav is a very thoughtful and knowledgable teacher and gentle human being. He has a wealth of experience practicing yoga in its classical form. He tends to teach from a traditional perspective but maintains an openness to modern yoga practices. It was a pleasure being his student.
Nikki – Canada
Best teacher! Madhav is one of the best teachers i’ve ever seen. He is in the start very professional and giving you space to be yourself, and giving you the right corrections and motivation. Thats why being friendly and reserved is in the middle. He finally is very friendly, but @ first he is your teacher. If you know him a bit better you know that he is there to help you in almost any asana you want based on his observations about individual body and whats possible in the moment. He has a lot of knowledge and knows how to share and explain, step by step. You can see that he is practicing what he teaches! He has a lot of experience and i wish i could learn so much more from this lovely teacher, living in the moment!
Carolien– Netherlands
Very professional Yogi Madhav has developed many qualities: Deep intuition and understanding in teaching. Experimented in yoga self practise and in meditation, He’s humble, very spiritual and dedicated to his students. “He’s a real peaceful and joyful kind who makes you fly to the moon.”
Marie - France
Madhav a special human To met Madhav was a special Moment, I got amazing knowledge from his teaching and a lot of input to continue growing spiritual, physical and mental, but that’s not all, his beautiful personality and pureness are the essence of the great master of life called Madhav
Julián – Brazil
Yogi Madhav is a really great yoga teacher! He always pushes you to go beyond your potential in asana classes, and has a really calm, peaceful personality. Not only does he teach asanas well, but he also provides knowledge that you can implement in your daily meditation practice as well. I really enjoyed learning from him during my 200 TTC.
Sonam Shah - USA
Yogi Madhav is an exceptionally talented, patient, kind and skilful teacher. He has the correct balance between instruction and support as well as body focus and spiritual guidance and advice. I would not hesitate in any way to recommend him to anyone. Those who are fortunate to take his classes or train under his guidance are truly blessed and I have no doubt will be delighted with his abilities.
Natasha – Canada